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Why Rosie

Miami-Dade County stands at the brink of a transformative moment, ushering in the first elected Sheriff since 1966. In this pivotal period, the need for an experienced leader committed to law and order, and deeply rooted in the values of integrity and professionalism is paramount. The community needs a leader who can assume command on day one!

Rosie is the right choice for Sheriff. Rosie has dedicated the last 28 years of her life to serving our community as a veteran of the Miami-Dade County Police Department, rising to the rank of Assistant Director to Investigative Services. As a seasoned law enforcement professional, Rosie is deeply committed to the safety and well-being of Miami-Dade County residents.

Through almost three decades of service, Rosie deeply respects Miami-Dade County’s law enforcement history and is highly regarded by her fellow officers. She is strongly committed to law and order, recognizing and honoring our County’s rich history, and using its past lessons to shape future policies.

Rosie’s vision for the future is rooted in her extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and love for our community. With Rosie as Sheriff, you can trust in a safer and stronger Miami-Dade County.

Commitment to Law and Order: Ensuring rigorous adherence to the rule of law and upholding the highest standards of law enforcement ethics are top priorities for Rosie. She pledges to maintain order, protect residents, and enforce laws impartially, fostering a secure environment where every resident can thrive and feel safe.

Commitment to Community: Rosie deeply values community bonds. She is committed to strengthening partnerships between law enforcement and community organizations. Rosie encourages active collaboration between residents, businesses, and law enforcement agencies to develop initiatives tailored to address local concerns.

Fighting Public Corruption: Rosie is resolute in her commitment to root out public corruption. With unyielding determination, she will establish stringent oversight mechanisms, transparent processes, and a zero-tolerance policy against public corruption of all types that erode the public trust.

Transparency and Accountability: Rosie is dedicated to promoting transparency within the Sheriff’s office. Rosie’s pledge is to ensure that Miami-Dade County’s law enforcement agencies operate with integrity, accountability, and unwavering dedication to the community.

Focus on Training and Professional Growth: Rosie is dedicated to investing in our law enforcement officers. She prioritizes comprehensive training programs and continuous education, ensuring our officers are equipped with the latest techniques and best practices.

Crisis Intervention & Mental Health Support: Rosie understands the importance of mental health services. She is dedicated to the continued enhancement of our crisis intervention training for officers and the Crisis Response Teams, enabling our officers to most effectively handle situations involving individuals with mental health issues with compassion and expertise

A life dedicated to serving and protecting our community

  • Assistant Director to Investigative Services, Miami-Dade Police Department
  • Chair of Miami-Dade County Sheriff  Internal Transition Team
  • FBI National Academy, Session 265
  • FBI National Executive Institute for Leadership, Session 46
  • Police Executive Leadership Institute graduate
  • 1st Vice-President of Florida FBI National Academy Associates
  • Certification in Human Resources Management, Florida International University
  • Certification in Executive Leadership, Nova University
  • STARS Future Police Chief Certification
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Marist College
  • Master in Public Administration, Florida International University


The transition to elected leadership of local law enforcement requires someone who knows the Miami-Dade Police Department inside and out, has a track record of upholding the highest ethical standards, and can lead with a vision for a safer Miami-Dade County on day one.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, Rosie found her true calling within the Miami-Dade Police Department where she quickly rose within the Department’s ranks. Throughout her 28-plus-year career with the Department, Rosie has not only served as a law enforcement professional but has also grown alongside the community she has dedicated her life to protecting. Her deep roots in this Department and her genuine passion for public safety are what set her apart.

She currently serves as Assistant Director to Investigative Services and has taken on significant responsibilities within the Department, including leading the internal transition team to the Sheriff’s Office. Her tireless work alongside County government ensures a seamless transition that prioritizes both our County’s dedicated employees and the well-being of our community.

Rosie’s dedication and expertise have led her to various key roles within the Department. Rosie’s current leadership responsibilities include: Communications, Records Bureau, Personnel Management Bureau, Employee Support Section and Cyber Bureau. In the past, Rosie served as the acting Assisting Director of Police Services and the Chief of the North Operations Division. Her law enforcement experience includes:

  • Uniform/Road Patrol
  • General Investigations – Burglary, assaults, thefts.
  • Robbery Intervention Detail
  • Homicide Bureau
  • Professional Compliance Bureau (Internal Affairs)
  • Economic Crimes Bureau’s Mortgage Fraud Task Force
  • Media Relations Public Information Officer
  • Personnel Management Bureau
  • Robbery Bureau.

In times of crisis, Rosie has consistently demonstrated her leadership skills. Rosie has faced everything from natural disasters and pandemics to the Surfside Tower collapse. Rosie’s commitment to our community is unwavering as she consistently demonstrates extreme dedication to the people of Miami-Dade County.

Rosie’s academic pursuits are equally impressive. She earned her master’s degree in Public Administration from Florida International University in 2001 and received certifications in Human Resource Policy and Management, investing her time to develop the leadership skills needed to operate the 4th largest police Department in the country. Additionally, she earned a certification in Executive Leadership from Nova University, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and graduated from the FBI National Executive Institute for Leadership. Rosie currently serves as the first Vice President of the Florida Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates, the largest Alumni chapter in the world.

Not only is Rosie a seasoned law enforcement professional, but she is also a loving wife to Kurt Stutz, a retired member of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Airport K9 Unit, and a devoted mother to their 14-year-old son Evan. Together, they find joy in travel, home-cooked meals, and the company of their retired Police K9, Max.

With Rosie as Sheriff, you can trust in a safer and stronger Miami-Dade County.


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    Your Contribution can help Rosie make the difference for our community! Please consider contributing today.


    Después de obtener su licenciatura en justicia penal, Rosie encontró su verdadera vocación dentro del Departamento de Policía de Miami-Dade, donde rápidamente ascendió dentro de las filas del Departamento. A lo largo de sus más de 27 años de carrera en el Departamento, Rosie no solo se ha desempeñado como profesional encargada de hacer cumplir la ley, sino que también ha crecido junto con la comunidad a la que ha dedicado su vida. Sus profundas raíces en este Departamento y su genuina pasión por la seguridad pública son lo que la distingue.

    Rosie, actualmente se desempeña como Subdirectora de Servicios de Apoyo y ha asumido importantes responsabilidades dentro del Departamento, incluida la dirección del equipo de transición interna a la Oficina del Sheriff. Su incansable trabajo junto con el gobierno del condado garantiza una transición perfecta que prioriza tanto a los dedicados empleados de nuestro condado como al bienestar de nuestra comunidad.

    La dedicación y experiencia de Rosie la han llevado a desempeñar varios puestos clave dentro del Departamento. Las responsabilidades de liderazgo actuales de Rosie incluyen: Comunicaciones, Oficina de Registros, Oficina de Gestión de Personal, Sección de Apoyo a los Empleados y Oficina Cibernética. En el pasado, Rosie se desempeñó como directora adjunta interina de los servicios policiales y jefa de la División de Operaciones Norte. Su experiencia en aplicación de la ley incluye:

    • Patrulla de Carreteras
    • Investigaciones Generales – Robos, asaltos, hurtos.
    • Detalle de Intervención de Robo
    • Negociado de Homicidios
    • Oficina de Cumplimiento Profesional (Asuntos Internos)
    • Grupo de Trabajo contra el Fraude Hipotecario de la Oficina de Delitos Económicos
    • Oficial de Información Pública de Relaciones con los Medios
    • Oficina de Gestión de Personal
    • Oficina de Robos.

    En tiempos de crisis, Rosie ha demostrado constantemente sus habilidades de liderazgo. Rosie se ha enfrentado a todo, desde desastres naturales y pandemias hasta el colapso de la Surfside Tower. El compromiso de Rosie con nuestra comunidad es inquebrantable ya que constantemente demuestra una dedicación extrema a la gente del condado de Miami-Dade.

    Las actividades académicas de Rosie son igualmente impresionantes. Obtuvo su maestría en Administración Pública de la Universidad Internacional de Florida en 2001 y recibió certificaciones en Política y Gestión de Recursos Humanos, invirtiendo su tiempo para desarrollar las habilidades de liderazgo necesarias para operar el cuarto departamento de policía más grande del país. Además, obtuvo una certificación en Liderazgo Ejecutivo de la Universidad Nova, se graduó de la Academia Nacional del FBI y del Instituto Ejecutivo Nacional de Liderazgo del FBI. Rosie actualmente se desempeña como primera vicepresidenta del capítulo de Florida de los Asociados de la Academia Nacional del FBI, el capítulo de ex alumnos más grande del mundo.

    Rosie no sólo es una experimentada profesional encargada de hacer cumplir la ley, sino que también es una amorosa esposa de Kurt Stutz, un miembro retirado de la Unidad K9 del Aeropuerto del Departamento de Policía de Miami-Dade, y una devota madre de su hijo Evan, de 14 años. Juntos, disfrutan de los viajes, las comidas caseras y la compañía de su policía K9 retirado, Max.

    Con Rosie como Sheriff, usted puede confiar en un Condado de Miami-Dade más seguro y más fuerte.

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